Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Corn Flour Chicken

·         ½ kg chicken breast, cut into cubes
·         1 ½ cups corn flour
·         ½ tbsp milk
·         2 eggs
·         3 tsp onion powder
·         2 tsp icing sugar
·         2 cups bread crumbs
·         4 tsp black pepper
·         4 tsp salt
·         4 tbsp butter
·         Sweet onion sauce to serve with
Take a bowl and add flour, salt, pepper, and icing sugar to it and mix all the ingredients. Take another bowl and beat eggs in it and add milk to it and whisk properly. Now in another bowl place the bread crumbs. Now melt the butter in a pan. Take the chicken cubes one by one and first coat them with flour, then dip in the beaten eggs and coat with the bread crumbs. Do this all with all the cubes and then fry them in the melted and heated butter until well cooked. Serve with sweet onion sauce or any other your favorite dipping.