Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Arabic dish, Sureed (sobat)

Sureed(sobat), The King of all Foods:
        Sureed is an Arabic dish and finds its roots in early Arab history. It was titled to be The King of Foods by Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). It is well known recipe in Arab and in Pakistan it is found in Baluchistan, K.P.K and lower Punjab areas especially among Bloch tribes.
·         1 kg meat, cut into pieces
(Chicken, beef, mutton or whatever)
·         3 tsp ginger garlic paste
·         Ground red chilli to taste
·         Salt to taste
·         2 cups oil
·         2 medium onions, Chopped
·         1 tsp turmeric
·         2 tsp coriander powder
·         1 tsp cumin seeds
·         5-6 cloves
·         2-3 sticks cinnamon
·         2 cardamoms
·         5-6 black peppers
·         2 tomatoes, chopped
·         1 cup yogurt (optional)
·         1 tsp ground garam masalah
For salad:
·         1 onion, cut in your desired shape
·         1 tomato, cut into pieces
·         1 cucumber, cut into your desired shape
·         Mint leaves, chopped
·         Pomegranate seeds powder (anardana powder)
·         Fresh coriander leaves, chopped
Sureed Roti
For Roties:
          For this Arabic recipe the most important thing is the special roties that are used to make it. The wheat roties used for it are made very thin. The dough is kept somewhat soft so that the roties may be made thin.
If you are using mutton or beef then it’s better to boil the meat first until it is tender. If you use chicken then no need to boil it first. In a pot, heat oil and fry onions until golden brown. Add meat and fry for few seconds. Then add ginger garlic paste and fry on medium heat for 1-2 minutes. Add tomato and yogurt and all the spices and dry ingredients except ground garam masala. Cook well and fry until oil separates from masala. Then add 15 cups of water to it. Boil for 5-7 minutes and remove from heat. Sprinkle ground garam masala and cover it.
Take out the meat pieces from the gravy. Make pieces of roties, neither too small nor too large. Then take a parat and put these pieces in it. Pour into it the gravy enough to be absorbed by the roti pieces. Mix the pieces with gravy turning it. The thin roties absorb a lot but you will have to careful so that the gravy should not left after the roti pieces have absorbed their required amount. Sureed is ready.
Place the salad ingredients on Sureed. Place the meat pieces that were set aside. Sprinkle pomegranate also onto it. The delicious Sureed is ready to be served.
The traditional way to serve it is on ground sitting. All the people eat from the same parat sitting in a circle. But if you like you can serve in individual plates.