Monday, 28 November 2011

Eggs Halwa

·         10 Eggs
·         Ghee, equal to volume of beaten eggs
·         Sugar, equal to volume of beaten eggs
·         Khoya 90 gm
·         (You can also use condensed milk if khoya is not available.)
·         1 ½ tsp crushed Cardamoms
·         Vanilla essence few drops
·         10 Almond, sliced
·         10 cashew, sliced
·         10 pistachio, sliced
          Break all the eggs in a measuring jug. Note the mesurement. Empty it in a thick base saucepan. Measure equal amount of melted (not hot but at room temperature) ghee and add it to the eggs. Measure equal amount of sugar and add it to the ghee n egg mixture. Blend it with a blender so that everything turns into a smooth liquid. Put this liquid on low heat and keep stirring from the minute you put it on the stove. Add vanilla essence, khoya  and cardamom and cook, stirring gently, until the ghee begins to separate. Remove from heat. Turn out in a flat dish and spread evenly. Drain excess ghee into a pan and can be reused. Cut the halwa into pieces of your choice. Sprinkle the nuts on it and serve hot. Egg halwa is ready.