Monday, 2 January 2012

Southern Fried Chicken Breast

·         3 breast pieces
·         2 cups cold water
·         1 tbsp salt
·         1 tbsp honey
·         1 tbsp white vinegar
·         1 cup flour
·         ½ tsp salt
·         ½ tsp black pepper
·         ½ tsp paprika
·         ½ tsp cayenne
·         Vegetable oil for fry
Take a pot with a tight lid and pour water in it. Add salt and honey in the water and stir very well to mix thoroughly. Then place the chicken breast pieces in the pot and tightly cover the pot. Refrigerate it for 1 ½ hours. Then drain the chicken and dry it. Pour in the vinegar and mix well with chicken pieces. Set aside for 15 minutes. Meanwhile take a bowl and put the flour in it. Add salt, paprika, black pepper and cayenne to it. Mix well and then coat the chicken breast pieces with it. Make sure that all the sides of chicken pieces are well coated. Now let it rest for 15 minutes at room temperature. Then heat the oil in a pan over high heat and fry the chicken breast pieces. Once one side gets nice brown colour then flip the pieces over and let the other side fry.