Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tomatoes tart

·         80 grams of rye flour
·         100 grams of wheat flour
·         60 grams of cold butter
·         pinch of salt
·         5-6 tablespoons of butter milk
·         700 grams of red and yellow tomatoes
·         300 ml of cream
·         2 eggs
·         2 tablespoons of dried herbs (oregano, basil, mint)
·         pinch of salt
·         1 teaspoon of nutmeg
Knead flour with butter till the butter is equally mixed with flour without big butter chunks. Add buttermilk to knead uniformed dough. Do not prolong it; too much warm emitted by your hands may spoil short crust pastry. Place it in a fridge for minimum 30 min. Meanwhile, wash tomatoes, slice them and place in colander to remove excess of liquid. Whisk eggs; add cream, salt, nutmeg and herbs. Take out the dough from the fridge, roll out, and place into baking tray. Bake 15 min in preheated oven in 180 C degrees. Take out from the oven, pour over half of eggs & cream mixture, arrange tomatoes and pour remaining eggs & cream.  Continue baking about 25 min.