Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Black Forest

·         100 gr flour
·         60 gr cocoa powder
·         200 gr sugar
·         100 gr dark cooking chocolate
·         40 gr cornstarch
·         8 eggs
·         ¼ tsp vanilla
·         100 g melted butter
·         500 gr whipped cream
·         1 tbsp of sponge-28
·          fresh strawberries
·         1 can of black cherry fruit, drained (save water)
How to make Black Forest:
                Take a bowl and mix flour, cocoa powder and cornstarch in it. Stir well. In another bowl beat eggs, sugar and sponge-28 until fluffy. Now add flour mixture and blend. Then add butter and mix well. Enter the pan 20cm month and bake until cooked. When it is chilled cut crosswise into three parts. Dampen with water black cherry.  Spread whipped cream in one layer, then put the cherry fruit, do also to the second layer. Place the third layer.  Spread the whipped cream and garnish with dark cooking chocolate and strawberries.